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On 26-May-2014 we have done social service work on account of 1st time of June-2014 at "ANADHA VRUDHA SARANALAYAM" in Neelakantapuram, Jandrapet post, Vetapalem Mandal, Prakasam District-523187 .

Description about Oldage home:

This old age home was located in Neelakantapuram established in the year 1995 by a one degree college principal his name is Dr. Satram Malleswara rao (M.A literature in Telugu) garu. When we asked him what they need, he said, first you all come and visit to see what we have and what we need then you can decide by yourself. So we went to see this home first later on the same day we have given items what they need. In this home there are 36 people are living with very happy. The founder also taking very care to people. All works are going on systematically. The management will collect all needy items from donors. Here we felt very much happy by seeing home because here the climate was very nice and full of trees. The management have given pleasant climate to old people. By this climate the life span of people also will increase. From the day of establishment to till now the management did funeral to 75 people also. Mainly in this home all people are left by their children, some are have no children, and some are orphans. This home was looking very beautiful because this home was built in very big place and have more trees and plants so it was beautiful to looking. In this home mainly needs are groceries, and some personals usage things to old people like soaps, bushes and tooth paste etc.,

Address of the Oldage home:

Name:Anadha Vrudha Saranalayam,
Neelakantapuram, Desaipet,
Vetapalem Mandal,
Prakasam district- 523187,
Contact number: S.Malleswara rao- 9849977764 land line - 08594-202555

On be half of HELPING HANDS ORGANISATION/VIROCAN we have donated groceries like toordal, urad dal, onions, idly ravva, Wheat ravva, edible oil, washing surf, etc., and for old people body soaps, hair oil tins, tooth brush and pastes, washing soaps for clothes, etc., and we also distributed biscuit packets to all people along with Ramesh sir mother and sister.



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On 26-May-2014 we have done social service work on account of 2nd time of May month at "GEM DESTITUTE CHILDREN ORPHANAGE HOME" in vadarevu road located in Perala post CHIRALA Mandal, Prakasam district.

Description about Orphanage home:

This orphanage home is located in Srungara pet, Pearal post Chirala Prakasam district. This home was established in the year 2008 by Mr. YEPURI ISRAEL (late). He is working as small clerk in telecom department and as well as pastor in small church. He have a lot of thoughts about society and also about orphans. Those thoughts are planting to establish this orphanage home. Basically they are belongs to poor family. One orphanage, also run in the same house they live in. The husband who started it was again himself a poor. When he said he wants to take care of orphans in his house and feed them, his wife (DEVA MANI) told him the following “We ourself barely manage to eat. How do you thing we can support orphans”. The husband said, we are eating 3 times a day. Let us eat 2 times a day and feed the children what we eat for the third time. Pastor died of heart attack in 2009 just after one year of establishment of this home. His wife contemplated to close it because she doesn’t know how she can run it. Everyone suggested her that her husband started it with great ideals and she should not stop it. So, she is taking donations and running it. In this orphanage home the main needs are Groceries and First aid Medicines for children.

Address of the Orphanage home:

Name:GEM Destitute Children Orphanage Home,
D.No. 8-31-74, Srungarapet, Post box No.12,
Perala, Vadarevu road, Chirala(MD),
Prakasam district- 523157,
Contact number: DEVA MANI : 9346711533 and 9390420533

On be half of HELPING HANDS ORGANISATION/VIROCAN we have donated Groceries (Like Rice, Toor dal, Urad dal, Idly ravva, Tamarind, Onions, Edible oil etc.,), First aid medicine and we have distributed biscuit packets to Children along with Ramesh sir mother, Sister.


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