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Z.P.HIGH SCHOOL, Nadigadda

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Description about School :

This is basically Z.P.H school. The total strength of students is 285. This is government aided school. Located in Nadigadda village just 15 Kms far from Vinukonda town. In this school they are giving both English and Telugu medium education. In the earlier i.e 3 or 4 years back some one donated one big water tank for this school. But right now this tank was ruined. Right now there is no tank for children. Basically this is drinking water tank. So total school children are going nearly half Km walk to bring drinking water and some are bringing from their houses. For this school there is a facility of drinking water pipe line .

Address of the School :

M. Prasad rao (Principal)
Vinukonda (Mandal),

On be half of PANCHAWATI group we have donated WATER tank to this school.


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