On 26-May-2014 we have done social service work on account of 1st time of May-2014 at "ANADHA VRUDHA NIRMALA NILAYAM" in Hariprasad nagar, Dandubata road, PERALA (Post), CHIRALA (Mandal), Prakasam (District). "

Description about Oldage home:

This old age home was located in Perala post in CHIRALA town. This home was established in 1978 by Mr.Chejarla Kotaiah. Mr.Kotaiah garu became old so right now their children looking after the old age home. In this old age home that has 20 people who are almost bed ridden and probably all of them are in 90's age. The person who started this worked as “building construction” worker, a manual laborer with daily wages. All these people stay in his house and their family look after them as their own, they cook and they do everything for them. His eldest son works as pastor in a Church, don’t know how much he makes, but that is all they have and they run with donations. Totally in this old age home 56 people are taking shelter. This home was just 5 kilometers far from Chirala town. From government there is no support to this old age home. The management getting donation from donors. In this old age home mainly all old people were orphans and some were left by their children. In this home mainly needs are one utensil that will be used to make IDLY (breakfast), 10 years ago one of donor donated this buy right now this was ruined, and another one is stand fan. In this old age home especially in one room there is no facility to arrange a sealing fan, so management asked us to donate stand fan. This room all 5 old people were permanently stay on bed only the management will do all works to their bed side. This old age home looking very beautiful because very big place. .

Address of the Oldage home:

Name:Anadha Vrudha Nirmala Nilayam,
Hariprasad nagar, back side to poleramma temple,
Dandubata road, Perala Post,
CHIRALA, Prakasam District,
Contact number: Ch.Kotaitah - 9000626501,Ch.Shyam - 9059403603

On be half of HELPING HANDS ORGANISATION/VIROCAN we have donated One idly utensil, one stand fan and we have distributed biscuit packets to old people along with Ramesh sir mother, Sister.